Intern, Tech Product Research and Business Analyst in AI startup


Wee Hur Holdings Ltd (Group) is a listed company on the Singapore Exchange, with businesses in property development, construction, worker’s dormitory, fund management and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). We are seeking a driven, motivated, and passionate business/strategy analyst and product research intern as we embark upon our exciting new phase of growth and expansion in the PBSA sector in several major cities in Australia.

You will be employed under Y Suites by Wee Hur Hospitality Pte Ltd (Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, which is the entity that is responsible for the success of our PBSA management brand. You will report directly to the General Manager. You will be based in Singapore, and will be required to work closely with all departments within the Group.

This role is a dynamic and exciting role where you can get maximum exposure and the exciting opportunity of being part of an AI start-up emerging journey! You will get to participate in a significant part of the product-market validation process, go-to-market, product development journey, and assist in various meaningful research and product/UX development work. Through this experience, you will be equipped with the skills on how to research a new market/business, set up a new business operation, build MVPs and/or websites, analyse target customers and competitors, develop marketing plan surrounding ideal customer profile and distribution channels, build market fit, establish a new brand (logo, brand-book, brand name), and acquire an understanding of various business functions. You will also be involved in using basic modelling to size up the total addressable market, and establish projections towards profitability.

In addition, you will be involved with the founder directly in strategy, customer voice interaction, as well as fundraising and marketing/sales. You will work with the founder directly on measuring the ROIs of different marketing channels, building awareness of the product through various platforms, and in marketing-related efforts such as Search Engine Optimisation.


– Conduct due diligence and market research to understand competitors and customers
– Perform research and excel modelling to understand addressable market size and perform financial projections on P and L
– Co-develop strategy with the founder and implement strategy on the ground and iterate based on feedback
– Building a startup from idea to product-market fit through customer interviews, competitor research, market research
– Working on UX and ensuring user journey from website navigation, signup, to onboarding and product use is seamless and optimised
– Ensure that website is optimised for SEO purposes and marketing/sales purposes
– Post product market fit, build the start-ups operations through replicable and scalable operating systems, and establish its brand and online presence.
– Learn to create a simple templated website (wordpress; wix; shopify) and work with designers to come up powerful, marketable design combined with strong copywriting
– Speak with students and potential end customers to understand problems/pain points, requirements and use case, and work with product team to translate these feedbacks into product features/requirements and design
– Seek validation from customers with prototype
– Reach out to customers on as many channels as possible to build brand awareness as well as get feedback on existing needs that are not being met.
– Organising focus groups and webinars to further engage students and end customers on their pain points and showcase our proxy product to get further alignment on market fit
– Prepare and submit applications for grant, government support, boot camps, accelerators, and associations memberships, and perform research and due diligence on support, network communities/events, grants and other enabler-programs for start-ups
– Preparing decks, contractual documents, data-rooms and other required resource for fundraising
– Assist in any other ad-hoc administrative and research tasks required
– Assist in the website setup, trademark registration, ACRA setup, liaison with accounting/corp sec, accounting software and processes, payroll and recruitment processes, and website domain
– Liaise with external designer on brand design and create a company starter deck for investors, customers, partners

Apply before 11-08-2023

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