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Wee Hur Holdings Ltd (Group) is a listed company on the Singapore Exchange, with businesses in property development, construction, worker’s dormitory, fund management and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). We are seeking a driven, motivated, and passionate Tech Product Research and Business Process Automation intern as we embark upon our exciting new phase of growth and expansion in the PBSA sector in several major cities in Australia.

You will be employed under Y Suites by Wee Hur Hospitality Pte Ltd (Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, which is the entity that is responsible for the success of our PBSA management brand. You will report directly to the General Manager. You will be based in Singapore, and will be required to work closely with all departments within the Group.

This role is a dynamic and exciting role where you can get maximum exposure and the exciting opportunity of optimising and building our in-house business automation, optimisation, and AI tools. You will harness the power of no-code/low-code and AI tools to optimise our internal processes, creating value through efficiencies and cost savings, and greater overall productivity for the organisation. You will work with existing teams to understanding our current inefficiencies and gaps, document the business use case, and use the appropriate tools to customise the right solution. These tools are instrumental towards optimising our operations flow, meeting our business needs across hiring/discovery/sales/marketing/talent matching/data analytics and visualisation. You may also be involved in external projects with software agencies to develop more customised tools that requires code.

This role involves both research as well as execution. You’ll research on existing tools, as well as in some cases, existing software in the market. This includes research on features, user reviews, use-case fit, pricing, and other important information required for decision making. Where a software is not available, we’ll build our own no-code solution.


– Conduct due diligence and market research to understand software features, competitors, pricing, customer reviews etc.
– Use no-code tools such as Airtable, Zapier, Make, wordpress, AI tools, or bubble to build automated platforms and processes for our use cases
– Work on business use cases and pain points revolving around recruitment/hiring, cold outreach, internal productivity, and data automation/analysis.
– Learn to create a simple templated website (wordpress; wix; shopify) and work with designers to come up powerful, marketable design combined with strong copywriting
– Speak with existing teams to understand problems/pain points, requirements and use case, and work with product team to translate these feedbacks into product features/requirements and design
– Seek validation from users with storyboard and/or simple wireframes
– Organising focus groups and webinars to further engage internal users on their pain points and showcase our proxy product to get further alignment on business fit
– Identify and analyze emerging trends, technologies, and best practices to inspire new ideas and initiatives.
– Collaborate with senior leadership to align the company’s vision and mission with creative initiatives.

Apply before 11-08-2023

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