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Wee Hur Holdings Ltd (Group) is a listed company on the Singapore Exchange, with businesses in property development, construction, worker’s dormitory, fund management and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). We are seeking a driven, motivated and passionate Tech Systems and Project Management Executive as we embark upon our exciting new phase of growth and expansion in the PBSA sector in several major cities in Australia.

You will be employed under Y Suites by Wee Hur Hospitality Pte Ltd (Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, which is the entity that is responsible for the success of our PBSA brand – Y Suites. You will report directly to the General Manager. You will be based in Singapore and will be required to work closely with all departments within the Group, our PBSA operator(s) in Australia, and other key stakeholders and SaaS vendor providers.

This position offers a dynamic and exciting environment in which you will be facilitating our software development, configuration, enhancements, integration, training, implementation (“go live”), user feedback, continuous optimisation, and operational support. Your main role is to facilitate the smooth onboarding of new software systems to support our overall business goals. You will work closely with external and internal stakeholders in driving project milestones delivery, troubleshooting, training, configuration and documentation, and ensuring our business use is aligned with the software features and UI. You will also assist in documenting and establishing integration workflows between two or more software, and studying how we can optimise and automate our processes. You will research on various SaaS product that could support our operations and automation requirements, and present them to management for consideration. Finally, you will be tasked to spearhead ground training and implementation, including developing strong feedback loop between ground users and third-party SaaS product team, and drawing actionable insights from the data these systems collect.

Software development or data science background is useful but not required. This role is mainly a combination of project management, system optimisation and analysis, training delivery, data pipelines/BI project implementation, software procurement, data analysis, and operations facilitation. You will need to be analytical, logical, and organised in your thinking and approach towards work. You also need to be comfortable with working with multiple parties and moving parts, have the energy to drive a project forward, and enjoy optimising and automating processes to improve the quality of life for our employees and customers. In addition, you need to possess the business acumen to understand how these software products will impact on our business objectives/ground operations and solve real world problems. Finally, you must also connect well with people and are able to communicate your ideas succinctly as you will be interacting with many stakeholders during the project set up, training and implementation phases.

This role is designed for working professionals with at least 2-4 years’ experience, with track record in SaaS project management, technical system implementation, digital product implementation, management and support. The ideal candidate demonstrates excellent interpersonal and communication abilities, focused commitment to excellence, and deep motivation to learn and grow.

If you are someone who is intellectually curious, systematic, organised, work well with people and under deadlines, and have an eye for details and a flair for optimisation of systems and processes, we’d love to have a chat with you!

Candidates are expected to start by 16th August or 1st September.

Please apply for this position via our careers page ( by 8th August. We only review applications that are submitted via our career page.


– Manage software configuration, integration and implementation for a number of key software such as CRM system, marketing analytics platform and other software tools.
– Critical conduit to business/ground users to ensure that the product is fit for business use
– Handle multiple priorities, stakeholders and coordinate the flow of information critical to project delivery
– Document project specifications, scope and track milestones achievement
– Build SOPs for workflows within the SaaS product to train and support the operations team in property
– Deliver project outcomes under deadlines
– Troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the onboarding of new software systems by liaising with software support team
– Do deep-dives and research to understand different software products/features, user pain point, and how to leverage on these products to solve them.
– Work with external software development company to customise and implement web apps based on our use cases.
– Build interesting internal customised products (this can be low/no-code or coded) end to end if there are no suitable third party solutions available.
– Conduct client-side UAT for all software integration, development or enhancement scope delivery
– Conduct training and support for ground staff upon implementation.
– Develop framework to ensure continuous feedback loop from ground users back to software product team to sharpen product’s business fit
– Oversee user experience and ensure that users are using the software correctly and optimally in a way that maximises business output
– Conceptualise and adopt a big picture analysis of integration between different software and workflows that are aligned with business needs and ground operation
– Participate in software procurement exercises to provide input and advisory to procurement team based on feedback from user, experience, and digital needs.
– Provide clear reporting to management on progress of project, software implementation, and user feedback
– Have a clear overall plan on data to be extracted from these softwares and recommend meaningful steps to leverage on these data for business decisions.


1. Bachelor’s degree with honours preferably in an analytical field including but not limited to engineering, computer science, data science, business analytics, business management with a strong tech or quantitative focus, data analytics, business analytics or maths/statistics.
2. However, candidate without the relevant degree field but with the right experience, certifications, or track record will also be considered
3. Candidates with at least 2-4 years of experience and proven track record as a software project manager and implementation support specialist
4. Extensive experience in managing software/digital projects with tight deadlines, competing priorities and multiple stakeholders
5. Experience with SaaS product end-to-end implementation process
6. Hands-on experience with procurement and software recommendation
7. Strong analytical skills
8. Some experience in data analysis and using data for business objectives
9. Excellent communication skills and able to articulate your ideas coherently
10. Excellent writing skills and able to document and correspond with clarity
11. Strong Microsoft Power Point and Excel Skills desirable
12. Strong research and reporting skills
13. Robust Presentation skills
14. Must be energetic, goal-oriented and outcome-driven with a strong bias for action
15. Have a customer-oriented mindset and an acumen for understanding and addressing customer needs and wants
16. Excellent time management and organisational skills
17. Dependable and proactive in follow up
18. Robust execution and implementation abilities
19. Highly independent and able to work under stressful situations
20. Demonstrates humility and willingness to learn
21. Team player and professional in dealings with all stakeholders

Key Performance Indicators:

– Project Completion on Schedule, within budget
– Project objectives achieved
– Positive user feedback from training
– Strong UAT deliverance within allocated time
– Prompt and timely reporting to senior management with clear data reference points and project timeline tracker
– Strong product iteration based on user testing and feedback
– Strong understanding of and compliance with product functionalities by users
– Follow up and follow through in a timely manner with stakeholders
– Provide value-add research and recommendation on digital strategy and roadmap that demonstrates tangible increase in the bottom line.
– Recommend products that are fit for business use and value for money
– Pro-active feedback on product enhancement and troubleshooting

Apply before 08-08-2023

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