Are you currently, or will you soon be a student at the University of Adelaide? If the answer is yes, here are some things you should know about the University of Adelaide and finding suitable accommodation near your university campus! 

More About The University Of Adelaide And Nearby Accommodation

As the third-oldest university in Australia, the University of Adelaide is a world-class research and educational institution that is situated at the heart of Adelaide city. Through a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate programs, the University of Adelaide provides exceptional educational opportunities for the leaders of the future. 

What Is The University Of Adelaide Known For?

With over 100 Rhodes Scholars and five Nobel Laureates as part of their community of alumni, the university prides itself on high-quality education experiences that attract bright students and capable academic staff. Their award-winning career service team has also been extremely committed to aiding students to transition into the workforce and create a positive, enduring impact on the challenges of the nation and the world.

Way Finding From Adelaide Uni Accommodation 

Besides deciding on the right uni for your academic pursuits, there are many other things to keep in mind, such as your quest for the perfect accommodation. To fully immerse yourself in the university culture and to cater for the late-night studying hours required during exam periods, it is ideal for you to find yourself an accessible uni housing choice that can do all that and more.

A chief concern among this task would be the location of your student housing and its ease of access to transport and amenities. To lighten this transportation worry, we’re happy to share that travelling from Y Suites on Waymouth to the University of Adelaide will only take a breezy 15 minutes on foot as the student accommodation is located right in the cosmopolitan centre of Adelaide city and near the school campus. 

During the walk to and fro school, Y Suites residents from the University of Adelaide can also purchase daily necessities, food items and school materials easily from nearby places like Topham mall, City Cross Mall and the restaurants or eateries available along the way. 

Enjoy The Finest Adelaide City Has To Offer

Due to its accessible location, Y Suites residents will also be able to enjoy the best of what Adelaide has to offer. If the weekends have you in the mood for some shopping, the Rundle Mall is only a short 7-minute walk away. 

You’ll also be able to enjoy a range of dining options, from Korean to Vietnamese to Italian, after your university classes and lectures. Craving for a snack during tea break? How about getting a cup of coffee in a cosy cafe or getting your fix of ice cream at a nearby dessert joint? 

For those who prefer to cook their meals, numerous supermarkets and markets are within walking distance of our student accommodation complex. With many of our residents being international students, we understand how important it is to be able to make familiar recipes that remind you of home, so this convenience also allows us to make your stay that much more comfortable. 

Experience Our Y Factor 

At Y Suites, our student housing facility is home to many individuals from top educational institutes around the area. Besides students from the University of Adelaide, people seeking education at Carnegie Mellon UniversityFlinders University, as well as the University of South Australia and many others can be found living and learning together as a community.

With a firm belief that each individual will bring unique values and insights to help make the Y Suites experience even greater for everyone, we welcome international students and locals from other cities to share the space and their experiences. Allowing memorable friendships to grow and blossom in the company of a diverse uni student community and a healthy, well-cared-for accommodation.  

Affordable Student Accommodations In Adelaide

As we all know, life is all about a balance between work, study and play. That is why our accommodation is designed to meet the needs of uni students to the best of our abilities. 

With your comfort at the core of our decisions, at Y Suites, we offer a range of different room types to suit the varying accommodation needs of different students. Ranging from spacious private housings such as studios with in-built kitchenettes to shared apartments with 8 bedrooms with allocated rooms and study spaces, there’s never a lack of options at our accommodations. 

That’s not all. Those who wish to broaden their social circles or study outside their rooms can make use of our dedicated communal study areas and study rooms that are well-lit and conducive. In these shared spaces, students from the University of Adelaide can look forward to picking the brains of their counterparts in other universities like TAFE SA or Eynesbury College and vice versa, spurring insightful exchanges and perhaps even sparking new bonds.

During downtimes or breaks from the academic rigour, our residents will also have access to many relaxation and entertainment spaces like a fully-furnished gym, 2 cinema rooms, a games area, an urban farming communal garden, and much more.

If this has piqued your interest, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our university student housing options in Adelaide. 

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