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Research and Administrative Assistant


Wee Hur Holdings Ltd (Group) is a listed company on the Singapore Exchange, with businesses in property development, construction, worker’s dormitory, fund management, and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). We are seeking an energetic and driven Research and Admin Assistant to support our executive team in navigating the day-to-day research and operations.
As a Research and Admin Assistant, you will be a part of Wee Hur Hospitality Pte Ltd (Company), a wholly-owned subsidiary responsible for managing our PBSA brand Y Suites ( Reporting directly to the CEO/Founder, you’ll be tasked with providing market research, business ops, and administrative support crucial to the smooth functioning of the business. Your role will require seamless coordination with the founder, ensuring efficient communication and task management.
We are seeking a Research and Admin Assistant Executive with 3-5 years of experience in a market research and administrative role. The ideal candidate should possess excellent written and oral communication skills in English, and excellent writing skills. He or she should also display a strong understanding of business processes and needs. We value individuals who demonstrate energy, goal-oriented behavior, and a strong bias for action. Robust interpersonal, communication, and relationship-building skills are essential to excel in this role.
The right candidate will be dependable and proactive in following up on tasks, showcasing the ability to handle competing priorities effectively. Strong execution abilities, coupled with a high level of independence to work efficiently under stressful situations, are key attributes we look for in potential candidates. Being a team player and demonstrating collaborative abilities with others is also highly valued within our organization.
If you possess the required experience in market research and administration, combined with excellent communication and organizational skills, we encourage you to apply for this integral role within our organization.
Candidates are expected to start ASAP.
Please apply for this position via our careers page ( by 15th March 2024. We only review applications that are submitted via our career page.


1.   Executing administrative duties directly for the Founder.
2.   Coordinating appointment schedules by setting up Calendly invites based on advised timeslots from the Founder.
3.   Performing key market research for new business lines including competitors, industry, customer, business model, websites, ad assets, and marketing landscape.
4.   Coordination, project management, and communication among various keyholders
5.   Managing and building/curating a content repository and archive by researching/viewing various relevant content online and tagging/documenting them in a structured manner
6.   Using AI tools and professional skills to create strategic seeding of ideas and content form.
7.   Working with the founder directly on key projects such as building digital products using digital tools
8.   Performing daily operations duty concerning the setup of entity, brand, and/or assets, using various tools and using existing SOPs, and helping to create new SOPS and other important writings and documentation.
9.   Participating in WhatsApp chat channels and Founder meetings, recording minutes/action items, and ensuring follow-ups with pertinent parties to monitor task completion or delays.
10. Keeping track of important company financial projections and expenses on Google Sheets.
11. Work with the founder and external vendors to execute key marketing campaigns.
12. Managing important file storage, documentation, and other ops assets.
13. Facilitate coordination and communication on behalf of the Founder
14. Provide content and information support for the Founder’s business requirements, and help draft copywriting, outreach emails, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
15. Always assist the Founder in thinking about and implementing more innovative ways to improve business outcomes or processes.
16. Any other ad-hoc administrative tasks


1.   Minimum 3-4 years of experience in roles that heavily involve business/market research and copywriting.
2.   Have some experience in admin and operational support.
3.   Proficient in both written and oral English communication.
4.   Strong writing skills
5.   Strong Excel, PowerPoint, and Word skills with a growth mindset toward learning new skills
6.   Demonstrates high energy, goal-oriented approach, and a strong drive for achieving outcomes.
7.   Ability to problem-solve, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in the workplace
8.   Displays robust interpersonal, communication, and relationship-building skills.
9.   Reliable, proactive, and diligent in follow-up actions.
10. Capable of managing and prioritizing competing tasks effectively.
11. Demonstrates strong execution abilities in tasks and projects.
12. Meticulous, highly organized, and detail-oriented.
13. Highly independent and thrives in handling stressful situations.
14. Collaborative team player with a proactive attitude.
15. Must be active in several communications channels such as email, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, or Teams.
16. Willing to work 830 – 6 pm daily with a lunch break from 1230-130. Must be present to attend meetings and responsive on comms channel. 

Key Performance Indicators:

·        Timely Execution of Administrative Tasks
·        Prompt Response Time
·        Internal Customer Satisfaction
·        Strong execution and delivery
·        Detailed, well-curated output, well organized.
·        Timely and prompt task follow-ups with relevant parties.
·        Quality outcomes and deliverables, meeting or exceeding standards set by the founder
·        Visibility and reporting in a timely manner

Apply before 15-03-2024

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