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Get the ultimate student lifestyle and have your own space without worrying about hidden costs or compromising your studies!

Not looking forward to being stuck at an unfamiliar dorms of an education institution? Feeling lost navigating the expensive and complicated private rental market of a new city? Prefer living solo in a single room?

At Y Suites, we understand. That’s why we’re perfectly positioned near Australia’s top universities with easy access to essential local amenities so that you can say goodbye to complicated commutes and hidden costs.

Whether you’re looking for shared studio apartments with a King Single bed for each tenant or a premium studio apartment with a private ensuite bathroom to, we offer a variety of off-campus student accommodation options to support you in your dream uni life.

Furthermore, with our constant roster of student-centric community events, you’ll find a vibrant, welcoming community waiting for you—no more loneliness or isolation.

Are you ready to live the suite life?

Discover Y Suites Student Accommodation

Here at Y Suites, we offer a wide range of furnished student housing apartments for university students in major cities across Australia.







The Y Factor

All-Inclusive Student Housing

With our all-inclusive rentals and variety of housing room types, you’ll get to enjoy a comfortable and fully furnished living space, complete with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and other utilities, so that you can budget with ease and peace of mind.

360° Amenities for Every Aspect of Uni Life

Whatever your interests or requirements, our properties come equipped with a wide array of amenities to enhance your student experience, from laundry rooms and a solo study desk to game rooms and sports areas.

Unbeatable Proximity to Universities and Amenities

We get it – you want to be close to your university but also near supermarkets, public transport (train station, buses, etc.), and restaurants. Our properties are strategically located to offer the best of both worlds, putting convenience at the heart of your student life.

The Y-Community Experience Programme (Y-CEP)

Join our Y-CEP events and turn loneliness into lasting friendships—because community is at the heart of every Y Suites property. From food events to wellness activities, we’re committed to fostering a vibrant, caring community all year round.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Experience peace of mind with our keycard-only access, securing entry to the building, lifts, and rooms after working hours. Plus, our Residential Advisors are on hand for after-hours assistance, ensuring you’re always in safe hands.

Multi-Platform Customer Service

Enjoy hassle-free customer service with our attentive, well-trained staff attending to your every need. We’re always just a call or message away, providing the answers and support you need no matter where you are on the globe.

3 Easy Steps to Secure Your Room at Y Suites

Step 1: Reach Out and Enquire

Initiate your Y Suites journey by filling out our enquiry form on our website or by messaging us on social media.

Step 2: Share Your Preferences

Our sales team will then contact you to discuss your specific needs, like your budget, desired amenities, and lease terms. To proceed, you’ll need to provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter.

Step 3: Confirm Your Booking

To secure your room, you’ll need to make a 2-week deposit, a one-time mandatory fee and a bond payment. You can opt to pay via credit card (deposit within 24 hours, bond payment to follow) or bank transfer (within 24 hours).

*Note: If the payment isn’t completed within the given time frame, our reservation team will send a one-time reminder. Failure to respond will result in the cancellation of your booking automatically.

What Our Residents Say

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