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Comfortable University Student Housing In Australia 

Are you a university student looking for housing in Australia? Choosing student accommodation in Australia can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a suitable student apartment in Australia:

We’re on a journey to help students create memories, prosper in innovative spaces and feel cared for when they study away from home. Revel in our selection of room types, a suite of amenities and communal spaces designed to make your stay comfortable. Benefit from our choice of strategically-located fully-furnished university housing apartments in Australia, so you can live closer to campuses, transportation hubs, malls, markets and more.

Live with Y Suites, a place you can call home.

Discover the Y Suites Difference

Here at Y Suites, we offer a wide range of furnished housing apartments for university students in Australia. Here are some reasons why Y Suites is the top choice for you:

1. Comfortable Living With Preferred Amenities

With our student-centric facilities, you’ll enjoy a seamless living experience with Y Suites while studying in your preferred colleges and universities in Australia. Beginning with our fully-furnished private bedrooms, gain access to an incredible kitchenette, spacious storage areas for your books and clothes, and your own study enclave just the way you like it. Most importantly, you can rely on our unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi access, so you won’t get cut off halfway through an important online lecture, focused thesis research or simply a series on Netflix. Pair these with attractive communal areas such as an outdoor study courtyard, smart parcel lockers, sky gardens, gyms and sports arenas across our student accommodation, and you’ll never feel you’re too far away from home.

2. Ideal Room Types

We understand that each student has different living preferences – our range of housing room types in Australia is designed to cater to that. Go for the budget-friendly Studio Standard with all the amenities you need in your private space, or upgrade to the Studio Premium, Studio Grand or Studio Deluxe for extra space. Share a room with a mate and still enjoy the privacy of your own bed and study area with the Studio Twin Share, or enjoy greater communal experiences with an Ensuite Standard/Premium room featuring shared kitchen and lounge areas. The 2 Bedroom Apartment, with shared living, kitchen and dining areas will be a suitable alternative.

3. Diverse Student Community

New to Australia or the town itself? We welcome you with open arms and connect you with everyone in the Y Suites community. We offer more than just a place to stay. When you join us, you can look forward to new and exciting experiences and forge strong friendships with our diverse student community. Feel the love of a family like never before with the diversity that our housing apartments indulge in. Engage with residents from the same university as you or others located nearby; learn about various cultures from around the world when you make friends with students from overseas; and spend quality time during meaningful activities specially curated by us (think disco in the dark or Tacos night!) You’ll never feel you’re alone – our inclusive student community offers a strong support system for every resident. We’re not only journeying with you through your academic pursuits, but we’re also helping you create unforgettable memories with an amazing bunch of new friends in a new city.

4. Environmentally-Friendly Design

We’re championing environmental sustainability in more ways than one. Across our building, you’ll see, among other features, widespread use of energy-efficient LED lighting, a centralised cooling system, swipe-card power control systems for bedroom facilities and smart motion detectors for energy conservation. Specifically in Adelaide, the roofs of our student housing apartments are fitted with solar panels to reduce electricity consumption on our premises. Our communal spaces also celebrate Mother Nature, with the Y Suites Gardens offering passive shading and cooling during hotter months, and co-mingling bins for recycling. You may also join our student-led initiatives to encourage greener practices across our student accommodation in Australia or participate in various events.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

You won’t have to wait days for someone to address your query. From our 24/7 Wi-Fi support staff on standby to multiple digital platforms through which you can raise your requests, you won’t have to leave your room to seek assistance. From onboarding, checking in to your stay with us, our well-trained and qualified customer service officers will attend to your every need and respond to your requests promptly. Get access to numerous digital platforms and raise any requests from the comfort of your apartment or through your mobile device. Here at Y Suites, customer service is at the heart of what we do and we are committed to providing an exceptional and seamless experience.

Get University Accommodation With Us Now

If you are looking for student housing accommodation in Australia, look no further than Y Suites. Explore our affordable apartment options in Adelaide and Melbourne and start living the suite life with us!

Find Student Accommodation Near Universities in Australia

Offering convenience to overseas and Australian students is at the heart of Y Suites:

Y Suites on Waymouth – located right in the heart of Adelaide’s city center

Y Suites on Moore – conveniently located North-West of Canberra’s CBD

Y Suites on A’Beckett – strategically situated within Melbourne’s North-Central city area.

Y Suites on Gibbons – well located within inner-city suburb of Redfern

Our locations are also near multiple universities in Australia are a testament to that. Here’s a snapshot of our accommodation close to popular educational hubs:

Stay Near Monash University

If you’re looking for accommodation near Monash University, browse for affordable rooms from our student apartment at Y Suites on A’Beckett. Located on 183 A’Beckett Street, this 48-storey student housing sits perfectly in Melbourne’s North-Central city area and will take you to Monash University in just 5 minutes, even shorter when you hop on a free tram ride.

Stay Near RMIT University

Y Suites on A’Beckett is also located close to RMIT University, making it a preferred student accommodation. Accessible within a 5-minute walk, make your way from our apartments to lecture halls easily or take a break in Melbourne’s bustling city of cafes, markets and more.

Stay Near the University of Melbourne

Less than 20 minutes away from our student accommodation lies the University of Melbourne. Choose to walk and enjoy the breeze, or hop on a free short tram ride that’ll significantly reduce your commute time. What’s more, these student apartments at Y Suites on A’Beckett are only 5 minutes from some of Australia’s best attractions, including Queen Victoria Market and Flagstaff Gardens.

Stay Near Carnegie Mellon University

For housing near Carnegie Mellon University, you’ll never go wrong with the 16-storey student accommodation at Y Suites on Waymouth, situated along 128 Waymouth Street. Travelling to campus will take less than 10 minutes on foot. Plus, you can easily make your way to some of Adelaide’s best shopping malls, markets and student-favourite cafes in Australia.

Stay Near Flinders University

Rent an apartment room at our student accommodation near Flinders University, also located at Y Suites on Waymouth. It’ll take you only 9 minutes to commute to and from campus, in particular, Flinders’ Victoria Square Campus. Plus, you can easily walk over to the inner city and enjoy all that Adelaide has to offer to students like yourself.

Stay Near University of Adelaide

Y Suites on Waymouth is also the preferred student housing near the University of Adelaide. Enjoy a breezy walk of 15 minutes when you head to and back from your lectures. On less busy days, revel in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Adelaide city this apartment is located within.

Stay Near University of South Australia

Those studying at the University of South Australia can find the closest student accommodation at Y Suites on Waymouth as well. Only 4 minutes away by foot, you’ll also cross paths with students from other universities listed above.

How To Book Y Suites Student Accommodation in Australia

It’s easy to book student housing by Y Suites through our efficient online system – all you need to do is:

  1. Search for your ideal apartment close to your university or college
  2. Indicate the duration of stay and other preferences
  3. Select your room type based on the results generated
  4. Provide us with complete information as requested on the booking form

Once you’ve made your booking, leave the rest to us – we’ll email you with all the details and look forward to welcoming you to our humble student apartments across Australia.

Book student accommodation in Australia

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