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Located in the very heart of Adelaide city, Y Suites on Waymouth has everything a student from Flinders University might need for a vibrant residential life experience. Housing a diverse mix of international and local Australian students, our accommodation complex is just a short 9-minute walk away from Flinders’ Victoria Square campus. Our residents will also be able to enjoy the best of what Adelaide has to offer. Chinatown and the Adelaide Central Market are just a hop, skip and jump away while the city’s famous Rundle mall is not much of a distance after. 

Whether you are a first year or graduating student, our comprehensive accommodation apartments near Flinders University have something for every student, making Y Suites on Waymouth the perfect place to call home during your school years at Flinders University.

Houses for Rent Near Flinders University With Different Facilities

Our 16-storey student accommodation houses over 800 beds in different rooming configurations along with entertainment, relaxation and productive study spaces. Cultivate a green thumb at our urban farming communal garden or host a movie screening for your friends at one of our 2 cinema rooms.

On days you seek a little more stimulation, challenge your neighbour to a game of ping pong or work out at our well-equipped gym. Let’s not forget the indoor and outdoor study spaces and other dedicated study areas and group meeting rooms available for concentrating on the work you need to get done. It’s time to go ahead and explore all the various facilities at Y Suites and pick out the ones that you prefer. 

Affordable Accommodation For Local & International Flinders University Students

With affordable housing for both local and international students, Y Suites provides a diverse urban living environment that is not only safe and convenient but also full of amenities and opportunities for a vibrant student life. We have a variety of accommodation apartment types at various price points, from individual studios to shared apartments. Choose our Studio Premium or Studio Deluxe if you would like a private bathroom and your own personal kitchenette for whipping up meals. 

Alternatively, if you’ll be attending Flinders University together with a friend and would like to rent accommodation with them, our Studio Twin Share or 2 Bedroom Apartment makes a good option. You can also opt for our Ensuite Standard bedroom or our 8 Bedroom Apartment. Whether you are looking for a shared flat or independent living accommodations, Y Suites is here to help you make the most of your university life.

Discover the Y Factor at Y Suites Apartments For Rent Near Flinders University

Housing students from nearby educational institutes such as Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, Torrens University, Carnegie Mellon, the University of South Australia as well as international exchange students, Y Suites on Waymouth is committed to providing a quality residential life for a well-rounded university experience. 

In addition to our great facilities and services, our residents also get access to private networking workshops, group fitness sessions, career resources, social events and more. We love our student community and aim to provide a supportive and meaningful environment where each and every one of our students can thrive and call home. 

Book an online or onsite tour with Y Suites today and discover the leading accommodation houses for rent near Flinders University.

About Flinders University

Flinders University is dedicated to helping students find their path to success. Its Industry-driven degrees and expert teachers create an amazing learning environment, while its world-class research will grant students in-depth knowledge and valuable skills that future employers desire. From robust academic support to top-notch research projects, be inspired by the brightest minds around the school and gain the skills needed to create a successful future for yourself. 

Flinders University Facilities

Flinders University provides a variety of facilities to help students make the most of their educational journey, from the expansive library complex to specialised health and wellbeing practices. The university also values recreation and leisure. Its parks and sports fields provide a place for students to meet socially and unwind, creating a vibrant and dynamic learning experience for all.

Easy Access to Flinders University From Our Houses For Rent

Flinders University is located at Sturt Rd, Bedford Park, South Australia. Access to this world-renowned university is easy with only a short 9-minute walk away from our houses for rent at Y Suites on Waymouth, allowing you to focus more on your studies and less on time-consuming transportation.

Local and international students can also access other transport and amenities from their accommodations at Y Suites, including Adelaide Railway Station (10 minutes), Rundle Mall (8 minutes), as well as Chinatown and Adelaide Central Market (6 minutes).

Live the suite life as a Flinders University student when you stay with Y Suites on Waymouth, a housing accommodation that guarantees unrivalled comfort, excitement and camaraderie. 

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