Y Suites on A'Beckett Air Conditioning System

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113 Scanlon Drive

Epping VIC 3076

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To Whom it may concern,

An air conditioning set point control parameter of 20-24 degrees Celsius has been implemented throughout the building at Y Suites on A ‘Beckett.

Research and studies have shown that the typical set points for winter conditions are 21-22 degrees Celsius and 23-24 degrees Celsius in summer. Temperature setpoints outside of this range will result in over-conditioning of the space to below or above normally acceptable comfort levels, resulting in a loss of efficiency from the system.

The above-implemented strategy will prevent this from occurring whilst still allowing residents the flexibility to adjust between recommended setpoints to account for different individual comfort requirements, the ambient temperature is not reflective of the set points.

This setpoint control parameter will provide effective and efficient heating and cooling throughout the building all year round, throughout all seasons.


Dylan de Britt

Auscool Commissioning Services Pty Ltd