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Fun Restaurants in Adelaide to Try with Friends
14 Decembert 2023
Written by Y Suites

With the ever-rapid growth of restaurants in Adelaide, it’s quite hard to miss the vibrant culinary scene in the charming capital of South Australia.

From chic cafes to trendy bars, the city has become a haven for food enthusiasts seeking diverse and delightful dining experiences. So, we know that it can be a little difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re new to the city.

That’s why we’ve curated this list of fun restaurants in Adelaide City that promise you and your pals a gastronomic adventure you won’t forget!


Peel St Restaurant

tasty food in adelaide cbd south australia

Image source: Peel St

A renowned restaurant located in the bustling downtown area of Adelaide CBD, Peel St Restaurant offers you an unforgettable dining experience with its dynamic and evolving food scene.

Its ambience is chic yet unpretentious, which creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for its customers. The interior is lined with exposed brick walls and contemporary artwork, with an open kitchen for the ultimate immersive experience.

Their chalkboard menu displays a unique blend of Middle Eastern, South East Asian and Mediterranean cuisines with innovative takes on signature dishes using seasonal and abundant local produce.

Complementing the delicious food offerings, Peel St boasts an impressive beverage menu, including specially crafted cocktails by skilled mixologists and a wine list with both local and international wines.

Before setting your course here, we recommend you make early reservations, especially if you’re planning to dine in the evenings!

Address: 9 Peel St, Adelaide, SA


Press Food & Wine

Press Food & Wine

Image source: Press Food and Wine

As the name suggests, Press Food & Wine boasts an extensive and curated wine list. Their sommeliers are knowledgeable and can guide patrons through the perfect wine pairings to enhance their dining experience.

Fashioned out of a converted print factory, the marquee restaurant delivers a completely new look with textured walls, angled brass pendant lamps, timber panels and a curvaceous marble bar with open liquor shelves.

While the European wine bar and dining room still retain their glamorous aesthetic, the ambience does not suffocate their diners and, instead, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Most importantly, Tom Tilbury continues to lead a team of talented chefs and curate a menu that centres on modern Australian cuisine. Among the various choices, his choux pastry and the Press Burger are highly recommended by local diners!

Best of all, this iconic hub is known to source its ingredients from ethically harvested and sustainable South Australian produce. While their price range is on the higher end, Press Food & Wine is an excellent choice to go for celebrating special occasions or a romantic dinner.

Still, we strongly recommend you check out their website for their menu prices before making a reservation.

Address: 40 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia



communal dining area

Image source: Shoshobo

If you’re craving Japanese cuisine but are bored of traditional-style dishes, Shobosho is guaranteed to be your new favourite restaurant!

With clean lines and contemporary furnishings, Shobosho features a modern and sleek aesthetic with an open kitchen concept that adds an interactive and dynamic element to the dining experience. Their communal seating arrangements also foster a social and convivial atmosphere.

The restaurant serves a delicious menu that specialises in a fusion of Japanese and Korean flavours with a modern twist. It’s known for its Robata Grill, where ingredients are cooked over an open flame, imparting distinctive smoky flavours to the dishes.

Given that Japanese cuisine tends to focus primarily on meat dishes, you’ll be surprised to know that Shobosho offers vegetarian options as well – a perfect place for hosting events with a selection of food choices and a comfortable ambience.

While you’re there, be sure to grab one of their unique and inventive cocktails to enhance the bold flavours of your meal further!

With its popularity, it’s no surprise that the place requires bookings in advance as the crowd gets going, particularly during the weekends.

Address: 17 Leigh St, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia


Osteria Oggi

best pasta

Image source: Osteria Oggi

Looking for some delicious Italian cuisine?

Osteria Oggi definitely takes the top spot for being one of the best restaurants in Adelaide that serves great food with excellent table service.

Stepping into the space, you’d be amazed by the interior alone!

With concrete carved arches in the underground cellar, a round marble bar, and a private, split-level room, their sleek layout truly deserves the prestigious World Interiors Awards for Restaurant Interiors in 2019.

Unlike Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, which mainly focuses on traditional Italian pizza, Osteria Oggi specialises in contemporary Italian cuisine, offering a mix of traditional flavours and modern culinary techniques.

This local chic Italian piazza is well-loved for its fresh, house-made pasta and gnocchi, as well as the wood-fired slow-roasted meats that melt in your mouth. Oh, and did we mention the Formaggio cart that gets wheeled out for post-dinner treats?

Pick a complimentary glass of wine from their well-stocked wine cellar, and you’ll be in for an unforgettable dining experience.

While the place is generally less crowded during weekdays, we still advise you to make reservations to avoid disappointment.

Address: 76 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia


Lucky Dumpling and Noodle

asian restaurant

Image source: Glam Adelaide

Nestled just outside of North Adelaide is a newly opened Asian eatery with a variety of hawker-style Malaysian street food menus.

Its interior is a blend of industrial chic and contemporary design with a high bar-style seating arrangement, sleek wooden flooring and concrete walls decked in round lights. The warm lighting gives the space a much softer, inviting ambience.

Beyond that, it also serves a range of shareable tasty food using fresh ingredients within a reasonable price range – nothing on the menu is over $20!

Just like the name suggests, its dumplings are always a sell-out! You can even watch the dumpling-making process from behind the bar, bringing a touch of authenticity to your dining experience.

Their menu also highlights their mouthwatering noodles options and the popular Beef Rendang with rice, which are amongst the locals’ favourites. And that’s not all! Once you’re done eating, you can bring home a packet or two of your favoured dumplings in frozen packages for you to enjoy.

Address: 26 O’Connell St, North Adelaide, SA 5006, Australia


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