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The Best Places to Experience Australia Snow
13 June 2024
Written by Y Suites
snow in australia

Amidst the iconic landscapes of kangaroo-strewn plains and sun-drenched beaches lie some of the most mesmerising winter wonderlands.

That’s right, folks. It’s officially ski season in Australia!

From the alpine highlands and ski resorts to the charming mountains and small villages, Australia’s snowy regions offer a unique charm and warmth that is distinctly Aussie.

Join us as we venture beyond the sunlit coastlines and explore some of the best places to experience Australia’s snow season!


Thredbo, New South Wales

kosciusko national park

Source: Thredbo Resort

In the heart of the magnificent Snowy Mountains, Thredbo Resort stands as a winter wonderland of alpine beauty and adventure within Kosciuszko National Park.

Famed for having the longest ski runs in Australia, Thredbo offers a diverse range of terrain – from gentle slopes to challenging off-piste areas – that caters to all skill levels. Feel the adrenaline rush as you glide down from the highest lifted point in Australia with Mount Kosciuszko as your backdrop!

Known for its European charm and world-class facilities, the après-ski scene here is vibrant and diverse.

When you’re done with playing snow sports, be sure to unwind at one of the many cosy lodges with a hot drink by the fire in Thredbo’s village!

You can enjoy live music at local bars or indulge in gourmet dining experiences at a range of restaurants offering everything from hearty pub fare to fine dining.


Falls Creek, Victoria

Falls Creek, Victoria

Source: Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Tucked away in the Victorian Alps, Falls Creek is a quintessential family-friendly winter destination known for its progressive terrain parks and pedestrian-friendly village.

It is the largest ski resort in Victoria, spanning 450 hectares with 15 lifts and more than 90 runs. This is the perfect spot if you’re a first-time skier or just like to ski for fun, as a majority of the terrain suits beginner and intermediate skiers.

Other than its wide variety of ski runs, Falls Creek offers a plethora of activities that extend beyond traditional skiing and snowboarding. Snowshoeing is highly recommended, as it allows visitors to explore the serene beauty of the alpine environment at a slower pace.

Oh, and before you embark on this journey, be sure to check the official site for more information on any special events and festivals for additional excitement and entertainment!


Ben Lomond National Park, Tasmania

Skiing, Ben Lomond

Source: Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

This winter season is a great time to visit Tasmania’s national park!

With its snow-draped peaks and pristine wilderness, Ben Lomond creates a dazzling white expanse that glistens under the winter sun. When you reach the highest point, Legges Tor, expect to see panoramic views that stretch across the island!

As a premier destination for alpine skiing and snowboarding, the park ski resort provides modern facilities, including ski lifts and rental shops, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors.

For those who prefer a slower pace, Ben Lomond’s extensive network of trails meanders through snow-laden forests and across open meadows, offering a peaceful and immersive way to explore the park’s winter landscape.

What’s more, Ben Lomond is home to rich wildlife, and the higher altitudes offer an opportunity to observe some of these creatures in their natural habitat during winter months.


Charlotte Pass, New South Wales

Charlotte Pass, New South Wales

Source: Charlotte Pass Snow Resort

Want to experience a tranquil yet adventurous winter escape up the mountain?

If so, Charlotte Pass is your go-to destination – a hidden gem that combines the allure of uncrowded slopes, breathtaking scenery, and a rich history.

Uniquely accessible only by over-snow transport during the winter months, this seclusion means that you can enjoy snow in a peaceful atmosphere and truly connect with nature.

Despite its smaller size, Charlotte Pass offers a diverse range of skiing and snowboarding terrain that caters to all skill levels, including personalised instruction from the ski school.

For a more traditional alpine experience, cross-country trails are available for snowshoeing. These offer a serene way to explore the winter landscape at your own pace. If you’re a history and culture buff, guided tours are also available!


Mount Hotham, Victoria

mt hotham

Source: Hotham Alpine Resort

For those seeking a true alpine adventure, Mount Hotham is the place to be!

Known as the “Powder Capital of Australia,” this iconic resort boasts over 320 hectares of skiable terrain and a vertical drop of 395 meters. The resort is known for its diverse variety of challenging terrain, ensuring that everyone—from beginners to experts—can find their perfect run.

With over 35 kilometres of groomed trails, Mount Hotham offers some of the best cross-country skiing in Australia. Of course, if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, go for the dog sledging and snowmobile tours!

What makes the resort more unique is the alpine village, perched high on the ridgeline at 1,750 meters above sea level. This tranquil village setting offers ski-in/ski-out access to the slopes and a range of accommodations, dining options, and amenities for all budgets.

Better yet, Mount Hotham’s natural beauty provides endless photography opportunities. From the soft hues of sunrise casting a golden glow over the snow to the dramatic shadows of late afternoon, every moment at Mount Hotham is a visual feast.


YSuites – Your Home Away From Home

best snow in australia

YSuites is the ideal off-campus student accommodation option, with state-of-the-art facilities, a supportive community, and endless opportunities for adventure due to its strategic locations within Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Canberra.

What’s more, each building is within walking distance of Australia’s leading universities and major public transport hubs! Living with us will definitely cut down the time and energy you spend on travelling.

And that’s not all! Our all-inclusive rent covers:

  •  First-rate, all-inclusive dorms that meet all of your Wi-Fi and utility requirements
  • Various common spaces are available for your use at all times, so you can study, work out, play games, or rest
  • Community events to meet other students from elite schools and build your network
  • Top-notch safety features
  • A dedicated and skilled team that delivers impeccable customer service.

Why wait? Grab this amazing opportunity to experience snow in Australia as a university student!


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