Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking with us for one of the reasons detailed below, all you need to do is email us at least 14 days before your contract start date and we will cancel your booking and provide a refund. We will provide flexibility to cancel if you are impacted by any of the below reasons, you are required to provide supporting documentation:


If your scheduled flight is cancelled and an alternate flight is not available, or if there is a travel ban preventing travel from your country of origin or in Australia preventing you from arrival.


If your visa application is rejected.

Y Suites reserves the right to charge any cancellation after the given deadline.

Deferral Policy

1. For late arrival due to flight cancellation or reschedule and city lockdown in your country, you are allowed to change one time to delay arrival maximum up to 7 days only, rental will start 7 days after the original date booked.

2. You are required to provide supporting documents on city lockdown or airline cancellation to 

3. If you have a booking and are not able to arrive in Australia this current semester, you can defer your booking to the next semester. The same terms of the original booking will carry forward to the new semester booking, including the type of room you booked. Please take note that deferrals to next semester, weekly rental rates are subject to changes.

* Our above Cancellation and Deferral Policy is only available to new students with a booking, who have not previously stayed with us and are currently located outside of Australia. Please note that once your contract commences, this policy no longer applies.

For any additional cancellation reasons not covered in the above clauses, please contact us to discuss further.