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5 Things University Graduates Should Do Before Leaving Australia
13 December 2022
Written by Y Suites

While international student university graduates are eligible to stay in Australia for up to four years depending on their qualifications, most of them decide to leave the country after completing their studies. According to a media release in September 2022, the Minister for Education and Youth of Australia, Jason Clare, mentioned that only 16% of international students stay back after completing their studies.

So, if you are an international student who’s planning to leave the country “for good” upon graduation, here’s a quick guide on the important things that you should do before your departure:

1. Claim Your Superannuation

If you’ve worked part-time in Australia, then your employer would have most likely paid you superannuation, which is currently 10.5% of your gross salary, if you are still under employment in July 2022. While the superannuation rate has increased from the years before, you still might have accumulated a significant amount in your superannuation fund account.

Generally, you are not allowed to use or withdraw your superannuation until you retire or leave the country permanently. But, since you are leaving the country for good, you can most certainly claim this sum back. The thing is, you can only claim your superannuation after you have left the country. Hence, collecting all the documents and necessary information to support your application submission is best.

2. Get Your Rental Deposit Back

When you rent a student accommodation or apartments in Australia, you must pay a rental deposit. This is also known as a bond, which is claimable once your lease has ended. As a form of proper etiquette, inform your landlord or student apartment of the dates you will be leaving.

Also, when leaving your student apartment, be sure to check your rooms thoroughly to ensure that there are no damages done to the property. If there are, your landlord may take the money from your rental deposit. However, if the apartment is in the same condition as when you first moved in, you are entitled to a full refund of your rental deposit. It is also crucial that you cancel or transfer your lease and pay off any existing utility bill.

3. Transfer Your Money Out Close Your Bank Account

During your stay in Australia, there are chances that you have opened one or a few bank accounts. If you are the latter, we suggest you close all of them and save for one to get your money for your tax refund or superannuation. This is because transferring the money directly to your other bank accounts is easier than having a cheque mailed to your home.

4. Sell Your Unwanted Items

After living in Australia for a few years, you may have collected many unwanted items or furniture that would be difficult for you to lug home. Hence, in the weeks or months leading up to your departure, we recommend that you start finding the things that you do not need or want and sell or donate to charitable organisations. Avoid leaving your furniture or other belongings on the property and along the nature strips, as this may warrant a fine, which would be deducted from your rental deposit.

5. Say Your Farewells

Unless you are a true lone wolf, you would have probably met many interesting and friendly people during your stay in Australia, especially if you have lived in a student accommodation like Y Suites. Be it your housemates, colleagues, classmates, or friends, make sure to say a proper goodbye to the people who matter. You can organise a barbeque or potluck party at your student accommodation and invite them over to have a fun time!

Student accommodations like Y Suites offer amenities and spaces for students to bond with their friends and housemates. For instance, Y Suites on Waymouth has two barbeque pits, a games area, and a sky lounge for you to gather your friends around. If it’s too much work to organise a barbeque, you can invite them for a meal outside or even a cuppa. Y Suites on A’Beckett has communal lounges, a sky lounge and two cinemas for you to chill with friends too!

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