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Is Private Student Housing in Australia Right For Me?
08 March 2023
Written by Y Suites

As an international student, one of the final pieces of the “study abroad puzzle” is finding suitable accommodation. Australia is a popular destination for international students, attracting thousands each year. Hence, it comes as no surprise that there is a diverse range of accommodation options available — both international and local students have many choices when deciding where to live. While on and off-campus student housing is available, keep in mind that living in a quality accommodation is important to your overall well-being and happiness. This, in turn, can greatly impact your academic success. To put it simply, prioritising your accommodation search can enhance your stay abroad and optimise your overall experience.

How to Find Student Housing Options

When you’re starting your search for student accommodation, it’s normal to feel unsure about where to begin. Thankfully, online research is an excellent option for students who don’t have any connections at their university to assist them. As you begin your search, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Firstly, it’s important to know that not all universities offer housing, and those that do may have limited availability. In some cases, universities may recommend certain off-campus housing options or provide assistance with finding private accommodation. Additionally, some students may choose to utilise the university’s accommodation services temporarily while looking for off-campus options.

Private student accommodations has become increasingly popular, particularly in Australia, which has led to high demand for properties located near campuses. For international students, it’s recommended to arrive a few weeks before the start of orientation to allow sufficient time to get settled before classes begin.

By keeping these factors in mind and doing your research, you can increase your chances of finding the ideal student accommodation that meets your needs and preferences. Whether you opt for on-campus housing or off-campus private accommodation, there are plenty of options available to suit a range of budgets and lifestyles.

To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of benefits for each option below.

University Student Accommodation Benefits

1. Proximity 

It goes without saying that when you’re living on campus, you can just get out of bed half an hour before class starts and still be punctual. Not only does this help you save time, but you get to save on additional transportation costs that come with travelling from home to school.

2. All-inclusive utility bills

Most on-campus accommodations provide all-inclusive utility bills that would include the cost of water, electricity, cable, and more. Certain university accommodations also offer students the option to pay monthly instalments as opposed to everything upfront.

3. Fully-furnished rooms

A significant advantage of university housing is that it comes fully furnished. This means that you’ll already have a desk, chair, bed, and storage space in the room. You’ll need your clothes and some decor to personalise your room.

4. Ease of socialisation

Staying on campus can be a great way to meet new people and make friends. In fact, many universities in Australia offer programmes and activities designed to help students feel more at home on campus. From movie nights to communal dinners and outings, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise and break the ice with your fellow students. So if you’re looking to expand your social circle and get involved in campus life, university student housing is worth considering.

Private Student Accommodation Benefits

1. More independence

When you opt for private student accommodation, you do not have to adhere to strict curfews or fixed mealtimes. You can come and go as you please since you’ll enjoy more independence compared to staying in on-campus accommodation.

2. Fully-furnished rooms

Private student accommodations in Australia typically offer fully furnished rooms with modern amenities, such as a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, mini-fridge, and microwave. These amenities are not typically available in university housing. Additionally, private accommodations often provide private bathroom facilities, high-speed internet, communal spaces, on-site laundry facilities, and 24/7 security, providing students with greater comfort, convenience, and safety. Although some university housing options offer some of these features, private student accommodations generally offer a higher level of amenities and overall comfort.

3. Privacy

One major advantage of living off-campus is its increased privacy. Whether you opt for a studio room or rent an apartment with another student, living off-campus can provide a much-needed break from sharing bathrooms, living with multiple roommates, and spending time in communal areas.

Living off-campus can be a great option for students who prefer to work and study independently. It allows you to have the space to focus on your academic pursuits without distraction. Additionally, off-campus student accommodation can offer greater freedom and flexibility, allowing you to live by your own schedule and set your own rules.

4. Close Proximity to Campus

The location of on-campus university accommodations itself can vary depending on the specific university and its campus layout. In some cases, such accommodations may be located within close proximity to campus, while in other cases they may be situated further away. However, it is worth noting that private student accommodations in Australia are often strategically located within walking distance of universities, making them a popular choice for students who value convenience and accessibility.

5. Host of amenities

Private student accommodations can offer an array of novel amenities to enhance your stay. From barbeque pits to yoga studios and outdoor lounges, these housing options can provide a more luxurious and comfortable living experience than traditional on-campus housing. Additionally, student accommodations typically offers basic amenities like communal study spaces, gyms, and more.

One example of private accommodation you can consider is Y Suites – they provide student housings in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Y Suites offers a wide variety of room types for students to choose from – Studio Standard, Studio Premium, Studio Deluxe, Studio Twin Share, 2 Bedroom Apartments, Ensuite Standard and Ensuite Premium – giving students the flexibility to choose the best option to meet their needs.

In addition to the different room types and amenities, staying at Y Suites allows students to network with others living on the property through planned events such as Taco Tuesdays, movie nights, and outings. This, in turn, helps students make the most of their time abroad and fosters a sense of community.

Whether you’re looking for a more upscale living experience or simply want to enjoy the convenience of private housing, Y Suites can be great for students looking for a comfortable and engaging living experience.

Find out how you can be a part of the Y Suites family today.

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