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Tips To Prepare For Your Graduation Ceremony
05 September 2022
Written by Y Suites

University graduation is one of the most important milestones of a student’s life. After having studied so hard and going through all the stresses of preparing for assignments and examinations, graduation marks the official transition of a university student to the outside world. 

Every graduation ceremony is an event that is cherished by both students as well as their near and dear – from parents and friends to teachers who have been part of the entire journey. Since graduation is the occasion where students can celebrate and look back on their achievements, no matter how big or small, the event can just be as exciting as it is emotional. Hence, to help make your big day a little less overwhelming, we’ve put together a guide to help you prepare it. 

Preparing For Your Graduation Ceremony

It is entirely normal for you to feel a little jittery or nervous with so many things that are going on in your mind. Here are some important things to keep in mind that will help you handle graduation day effortlessly: 

1.  Prioritise Comfort:

As much as you’d like to flaunt your new pair of strappy heels or leather shoes to your friends and classmates, graduation is not the right time for fancy footwear. You could be standing with your classmates for a prolonged time before you get to take a seat for the commencement ceremony, so you might want to be comfortable. 

Wear comfortable shoes that you do not mind spending time in. However, if you do want to wear a new pair, it’s best to make sure that you’ve broken into them to avoid discomfort. Bring bandages so that you’ll have something for the blisters. Select a sensible heel height as the worst thing that can happen is to trip while walking across the stage in front of many people. 

Most of the graduation ceremonies take place in an open venue. Hence, you should ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather as it might get hot under the cap and gown. Lighter shades of clothes are ideal as they do not absorb as much heat and can complement the dark colours of your graduation gown. Most universities recommend wearing smart attire for the graduation ceremony, so it’s best to follow the dress code. 

2. Groom Your Hair Tidily

It’s best to consider well in advance how you intend to style your hair under the graduation cap. As many students often face difficulty keeping their graduation hats in their place, you should carry lots of hair pins to keep them in the right position. Also, you can opt for simple hairstyles that can be styled around the cap instead. 

For guys, we recommend styling your hair and ensuring that your hair fits under your cap. Make sure your graduation cap is of the right size so that it sits evenly on your head without blocking your eyebrows – keeping your face completely visible both in-person and in pictures. 

3. Keep Calm And Find Out The Ceremony Agenda

To avoid rushing around on your big day, keep yourself updated on the entire schedule – check what time the event starts and try to reach the venue early. If you have invited your family and friends, ensure that they arrive on time as well. You can send them a copy of the event’s agenda and remind them to reach earlier so they can get a decent parking spot and a good seat. 

You can also decide on a meeting place with friends and family a day prior. Once the graduation ceremony is over, meeting up can be a little challenging, especially when everyone is trying to find their friends and loved ones. Hence, simply agree upon a landmark within the area to meet up once it’s all over for photo-taking! 

4. Practise Accepting Your Certificate

You will be the centre of attention during your graduation ceremony. So, to make it a memorable one, practise your walk up the stage and smile when accepting your certificate. Practising daily will make you appear less nervous and more confident in front of a vast crowd. On the day itself, try your best to walk normally and maintain a natural smile even if you feel nervous. Try not to fidget or get distracted while you’re in the queue to walk upstage for your certificate. 

Enjoy Your Graduation Ceremony

We know it’s your big day, but don’t get stressed out! You don’t have to worry about every little detail of the day as you have already done all the hard work, and you deserve to bask in this important moment of your life! 

If you or your loved ones need a place to stay over for your graduation ceremony, there is a wide variety of accommodations available at your university and nearby. You can always check with your university or the student accommodation you reside in. 

If you are staying in a studio apartment at Y Suites and have a temporary guest coming over, they can stay up to three nights for free. However, you need to inform our front desk and team in advance and have the guest register with our receptionist as part of our security measures. To find out more about our student accommodations, reach out to us here.

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