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3 Things You Can Do On Your Mid Semester Break In Australia
06 July 2022
Written by Y Suites

Whether you are on campus or studying remotely online, it’s always good to make the most of your mid semester breaks. Though it’s important to also use this time to catch up on your studies, you should still remember to relax so that you can tackle the rest of the semesters ahead. 

Mid Semester or midterm breaks in Australia universities in Melbourne and Adelaide are usually two to three weeks long. So, instead of holing yourself up in your student housing or university accommodations, go explore the country or spend quality time with your loved ones! Check out three things you can do to goback to your classes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Head To The Great Outdoors 

June marks the beginning of winter in the southern parts of Australia – Melbourne and Adelaide. Though the country is not known for its cold temperatures, you’d be surprised by how cool it can be inland in the Southern states, with possible snowfall in some places. 

The weather makes it a good time to embark on a cross-country road trip across the outback or up the east coast. If the cold isn’t for you, then it is best to head to Northern Australia. The states in this part of the country really shine at this time of the year with warm but not overly hot temperatures – more importantly, there is little rainfall. This makes it extremely comfortable and easy for you to access places that could be flooded during the rainy season. 

Bask in the gorgeous beaches of northern Queensland and the northern parts of Western Australia. The box jellyfish season would have ended by the time your mid semester break starts, making it ideal for you to take a dip in the great blue. However, do check the local conditions before taking the plunge to ensure your safety. 

if you prefer the cooling conditions of the southern cities, you can spend time checking out various cultural attractions and delectable foods! 

Check out our blog for more inspiration on what you can do in Adelaide if you are a student on a budget.

Catch Up On Your Favourite Movies And Podcasts

Aside from exploring the city and country, the mid semester break is also a great time to watch your favourite movies. Remember that show that you wanted to catch up on but never got around to doing it? Now’s your chance to! Or, if you are commuting between different cities, you can also tune in to some informative podcasts to keep you occupied. Now is also the best time for you to curate playlists for all the moods you are feeling – perfect for those road trips that you are about to embark on, or just for the feels as you soak in the rich and vibrant culture of the city.


Being involved in your community reaps long-lasting rewards for both your personal and professional growth. From leading a clean-up operation to taking shifts at an animal sanctuary, you will definitely be putting your time to good use by serving others. 

The benefits of volunteering are also well-recognised in your community as well as your prospective company – you will end up gaining a sense of purpose while learning to interact with and uplift people from different walks of life. Furthermore, the time spent volunteering at an organisation can also look rather impressive on your portfolio or resume, as you will come across as someone who is an all-rounder. 

Spend Your Midterm Break Fruitfully

From exploring the country to volunteering at an organisation, having your schedule packed with the things you love to do can rejuvenate you! And, if you are looking for short-term student accommodations in Melbourne and Adelaide to take in the city sights this June, look no further than Y Suites! 

Located in the heart of Melbourne and Adelaide respectively, Y Suites offer a wide range of furnished housing apartments for students in Australia

Y Suites on Waymouth, Adelaide is close to the various top universities, such as :

Y Suites on A’Beckett, Melbourne is also conveniently located to top universities like:

Renting an apartment with us not only gives you a bed and a roof over your head, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the different facilities like our gym or cinema rooms with your peers. Reach out to us to find out more about our rates and the amenities we offer, before planning your travel itinerary to the southern states! 

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