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Start The Study Semester Right With These Tips
20 June 2022
Written by Y Suites

As a kid in primary or elementary school, the start of the new school semester was a big deal. From having the cutest school supplies to the chicest outfits for the first day of school, there’s no denying the excitement that we all feel. While getting new school supplies and the excitement of a new semester has slowed through the years as we progressed through higher levels of education, it is still essential to have a ritual to start yourself off on the right foot. 

Whether it is your first or last semester, getting back into the classroom after a break – no matter how long – often proves tricky. Settling into a good routine whilst maintaining work, school, and your social life can be the key to success. Hence, we’ve come up with four tips and methods to help you breeze through the upcoming study semester! 

Find Your Zone 

As some courses may be offered offline, you will need more than just a laptop to focus and do your best work. Thus, it is recommended that you find a place with limited distractions and noise levels conducive to learning and concentration. For instance, you can find a quiet spot in the local library or a corner in your room. However, finding your zone does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. It all depends on the individual’s learning style – for instance, if you are an auditory learner, you might want to avoid studying in a bustling café. In contrast, kinesthetic learners could focus better by having more space around them for a more tactile experience. 

If you are staying in student accommodation, you might want to check out the available facilities. Many student housings in Australia, such as Y Suites, offer facilities like designated study rooms to accommodate the various learning styles. 

Staying Organised

Get organised right from the start by adopting a habit of noting down all your assignments, upcoming deadlines, and important dates in an easy-to-see or easy-to-use place. Whether it is an old-fashioned written planner or an online calendar system, no matter which you choose, the most important thing is to ensure that it works for you. 

Start by marking your class timings, especially if you are taking a course requiring you to show up in person. That way, you will be sure that you don’t miss them or accidentally overbook yourself.

For students in a self-paced class, consider booking regular “class sessions” into your calendar each week to prioritise your studies and minimise the risk of falling too far behind. 

Aside from noting down your class timings, it is also good to jot down as many of the assignments, projects, and exam dates. While many of these are available on the syllabus, sometimes there’d be changes, and it’s advisable to update your calendar frequently as the semester progresses. 

Take Regular Breaks 

Though it is important to focus on your studies, you should also take regular breaks. Like any other muscle in your body, the more you exercise your brain, the stronger and more agile it will be. For instance, according to the Pomodoro technique, you can break down tasks into 25-minute intervals and take five-minute breaks in between – doing so not only improves mental agility, but can also prevent burnout. 

Alternatively, mental puzzles and games can also keep your mind in great shape. With so many different word games and Sudoku puzzles online, you can easily do them while taking five-minute breaks.  

Connect With Your Peers

You are all in this together; study groups are typically a great way to explore challenging course topics and concepts. From organising a study group before class starts to planning social outings and getting to know your peers, having a great support system keeps you motivated. 

If you are studying online, you can still make connections through the vast array of available online tools. Your student accommodation is also a great place to connect with your peers and start a strong support network for school. For instance, Y Suites at Waymouth, Adelaide, has 4 study/meeting rooms where you can gather with your peers for a productive group study session.

Make A Plan For Balancing School, Work, And Life 

Starting a new semester can seem daunting for some, especially when you have other work commitments. You should decide on your priorities for the upcoming semester. This can help determine what comes first and what can wait till the term is over, in turn, helping you to keep your sights in focus. 

Last but not least, you should always make time for yourself to get a workout in or to do the things you love. Ask a friend, loved one, or even your roommate to join you so that you can motivate each other! 

Y Suites is a student accommodation in Australia that offers many amenities such as indoor study hubs, an outdoor study courtyard, study areas, a gym, a dance/yoga studio, and more. All of these amenities aim to help their students achieve a balanced lifestyle while juggling the stresses of school and work. 

Our suites are conveniently located in Adelaide and Melbourne! In Adelaide, our Waymouth Suites are located near University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Carnegie Mellon University and Flinders University while in Melbourne, our A’Beckett Suites are close to University of Melbourne, RMIT and Monash UniversityLooking to rent affordable student housing to get through your university semester? Visit Y Suites or reach out to us today to find out more about our apartment rates and facilities!

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